Popular Technology Has Life-Saving Side Benefit: Hurricane Preparation

August 30, 2016 / News Article

Above image courtesy of NOAA.

Technology tools developed over the last handful of years bring some oft-overlooked lifesaving benefits to builders in coastal states. Most platforms in the digital world, from drones to social media, can double as powerful tools for hurricane and disaster preparations. At Moss Construction, we have active construction sites across the United States, and we have weathered many storms.

During the past 11 years the U.S. hasn’t seen a major Category three or larger hurricane make landfall. But the flurry of technological advances in those years calls for constant updates to our Hurricane Preparedness Plan. We conduct a tabletop Hurricane Preparedness Plan drill each year. Based on the drill, or a live event, we update our plan to reflect the lessons learned and incorporate the latest technological advances.

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