Miscellaneous Services/Rental Companies

For companies that provide misc. services or rentals (such as cleaning services, trailer rental, waste removal, etc.), when you are filling out the Trade Contractor Information Worksheet, you will find a section called “TRADE INFORMATION” (a drop-down menu). Please select the misc. services (Div. 01) which your company provides from the twenty-two (22) service packages that are listed. If your company provides services that do NOT fall under any of these descriptions, please select “01.0000.00 General Requirements.” Your company information will be linked to these “trade codes” for the services that your company provides.

PLEASE NOTE that for ALL misc. services and rental companies, Moss will retain your company information in our misc. services directory for our operations group to use when purchasing these services. Your company will ONLY be contacted when such misc. services/rentals are being procured by our operations group.

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