Andrew McAllister


Andrew McAllister

President and Chief Scaling Officer, Solar

Andrew, President, Chief Scaling Officer, oversees and manages major construction projects as well as the pursuit of new opportunities. His major focus is in the hospitality sector. His ability to conceptualize, plan and communicate complex strategies ensures that each project delivery delights the owner. This approach has resulted in numerous long-term repeat clients.

Andrew acquired an appreciation for architecture and the “built” environment at an early age. As the son of an Army chaplain who had a passion for history and travel, he witnessed a great building boom while living in Berlin in the late 1980s. The family’s travels exposed him to the classical architecture of France and the ancient ruins of Rome. While studying architecture in college, Andrew found his greater passion lay in construction.

Andrew graduated in 1993 from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Design in Architecture. He subsequently worked as an assistant professor within the university’s M.E. Rinker, Sr., School of Construction Management, while earning his Masters of Science in Building Construction in 1994. Andrew is a certified general contractor and qualifier for Moss.

Mission Statement:

“Be deliberative and live life with passion. Don’t look for quid pro quos. Look to make a difference. Be willing to share information, volunteer for unpopular tasks and provide help. Ask thoughtful questions and then listen with patience.”